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Much ado about nothing!

Information overload

Written By: WGC - Jul• 24•10

As I begin to write this, a television advert of a new search engine of a major company comes to mind. In different forms of this advert, someone asking for directions faces a barrage of responses some relevant, others not so. This is akin to the kind of responses you get when you enter a word or phrase on a internet search engine as it tries to match key words.

I cannot say that technology has not made life easier in some respects, but it comes it with some undesirable aspects as well. Every day many companies and individuals try to get our attention in some way; I have numerous leaflets through my door each morning advertising various things. As I have my cup of coffee and absent mindedly watch the news  preparing to go work, I chuckle at some “new discovery” by some professor about how maybe fish is not that good after all, or something crazy like that.

What am I supposed to know ? What really is relevant? On my way to work on the tube I do the obligatory check of Facebook and emails. I check my personal emails a few times a day and always find more than ten emails each time and I have to sift through to find what is important.

Now I know this article is probably not coherent and my thoughts seem to be all over the place….. that is just how I feel.  Just try and enter “honey” for instance on google and you get 100 million results! I mean this is just ludicrous.

Just to change subject, but not completely though, the other day I heard on the news that in America somewhere you could now hire a friend online! So just as dating sites operate, you pay to meet up with someone. Only that this time you pay for that time ONLY so I suppose the same way as “escorts” work. That is what the world has come to. With lack of time and availability of technology everything is now being done online.

I better check my emails now anyways. And if anyone wants a friend to chat to I am available for about £50 an hour !

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